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The Visual Artists of the 19th Century

Esthetic appreciation is the only valid reason for selecting any art work. 19th century art had its own character, which makes it nostalgic and at the same time beautiful. When we discover a wonderful piece of art by an unknown or little known artist, it is natural that we should want to know more about the artist and other works by the same artist. Such details enhance our appreciation for the sketch or painting.

Victorian art may be more literary or allegorical than the modern viewer is used to, so at times it is necessary to investigate the work to fully understand it.

Nor should we forget the monetary factor. If you ever want to sell a piece of art, it greatly enhances the value of the item if you can provide detailed information on the artist, other works by that artist, and the time and styles of the artwork as well its subject matter.

Here on 19th Century American Artists we are trying to make our little contribution to the preservation and distribution of knowledge about the artists who have contributed so much to butifying American homes for the past century and more. Many of them were highly talented artists who never became widely known because their work was not well promoted or widely distributed. If we can resurrect a little of the respect their work garnered when they were alive, we will have achieved our goal.

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