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19th Century American Fine Art Painters

For some reason, when we think of artists it is the painters who first come to mind. Painting is often portrayed as the highest expression of the fine arts. It is hard to imagine just how important this rare skill was prior to the introduction of photography in 1839. The only way most people knew what famous people looked like was through the eye of the artist - there were no direct representations. Even today, we only know the appearance of such a famous person as George Washington as he was represented by artists. In the early 19th century that was true for everyone you hadn't met personally!

19th century American artists toiled in a very different world from what we know today. Their work was often inspired by a natural setting that is lost to us now. And their sales were to local markets -- there was no way to broadcast information about their art. Reproductions by photograph or in print were not the faithful representations we achieve today, but black and white facsimiles that but poorly conveyed the original image.

Women artists were the victims of prevailing predjudices, and seldom taken seriously, regardless of the quality of their art.

Because of these factors, a great many talented people worked in near total obscurity. Their paintings continue to be newly discovered today, and we search out information about the original artists -- information that is at times tantalizingly scarce.

Our 'Biography' section, and the ebooks listed below, take a small step toward identifying some of these little known and under-appreciated artists.

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