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Due to the proliferation of SPAM, we may or may not see messages sent to our previously published email address. To contact us, use our Feedback Form. The return address on messages you receive from us is valid, and may be used for any subsequent contact.

We get hundreds of inquiries each month regarding genealogy, photohistory, and other topics mentioned on this site. We can not respond to them all, particularly if the answer would require time to look-up information (that is RESEARCH -- we can't provide free research!) or if it is just a question for which we don't have an answer. You may have better luck posting your questions on one of our forums:

  • PhotoID (Dating and Identifying old photos)

We are a cyber business, we do not publish our address or phone number because we do not do business through those mediums. We have been on-line since 1993, our reputation is rock-solid, just ask around in any Irish Genealogy bulletin-board if in doubt. We value your privacy, and hope you will reciprocate.

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