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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

About DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data


DIGdat is wholly owned and operated by Andrew J. Morris, who has been involved in Irish Genealogy since 1982. After graduating from university Mr. Morris worked as an archaeologist for several years, then spent a year in Europe, mostly Ireland, where he caught the researcher's bug. He began publishing genealogical reprints and conducting research trips to Ireland in the 1980s.

An early adopter of the home-computer (1976) he quickly got connected when the early on-line services began, and hosted an Irish genealogy forum on Compuserve in the days before the World Wide Web. Soon after the Web became public he opened a site on genealogy.org. When that site was purchased by Ancestry.com he opened this web site at ajmorris.com. DIGdat was established at the end of May, 2003.

User Contributions

Members of DIGdat are invited to contribute information for publication on the site. For details, see our PARTNERS PAGE.

How it works

DIGdat has three levels of access. Public access allows anyone to view table of contents, the Irish Media Review pages, and some sample pages. Free Member access requires log-in and allows access to further records and resources, including the message boards. Paid Member access requires payment of a monthly or annual fee, and allows access to all DIGdat resources. Many of the Paid Access pages are 'available on demand' -- they do not reside on the server, but are uploaded as members order them. These uploads are changed every Wednesday (usually between midnight and one A.M. Central U.S. time), so pages ordered during the preceding week become available on Wednesday, and remain available for one week until the next update. Both pages ordered and pages currently available are listed on the individuals Control Panel.

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