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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

Irish Genealogical Research

We have several research reports available to help the Irish genealogist. Any of these tailored reports are available by purchase, or in exchange for DIGdat Points.

Genealogical Research

Basic research, or advice on how to conduct your own research project. Stuck? We can offer suggestions for extending your genealogy. Irish ancestry in the US or Ireland are out specialty, but the same basic principals apply to all genealogical research, so we can find records for anyone, so long as the source records are in English or Latin.

Irish Distribution Studies

Our most popular report! Distribution studies are a tool that help you find where in Ireland your ancestors were most likely to have originated. This allows you to prioritize your research, and provides insight into the early history of your clan.

Order a distribution study, or learn more about this method by reading Identify the Place of Origin of your Irish Ancestor.

Surname Search Reports

Our Surname Search Reports will find all occurances of any text (usually you would choose to search for a surname, but you might want to look for a placename, occupation, or other text) in our off-line text databases. These consist of all of the text files (or pages) you can order on DIGdat, plus text transcriptions of those scanned pages that are available. (Only a small portion of the scanned pages have been transcribed so far, that is an on-going process.) The report provides the full line that includes the target text, so in many cases it provides all the info found in the original document. In other cases you will need to refer to the original source -- source citations are included for all 'hits' -- see sample report, for the surname SMITH.

Order a Surname Search Report.

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