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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

Irish Family Information Exchange

The Irish Family Informatio Exchange (originally the Irish Family Group Sheet Exchange) was one of those pre-Internet efforts to exchange information. People submitted information, usually in the form of a family group sheet. The rules stated that at least one person on each sheet should have been born in Ireland. We have about 1400 sheets that were submitted in the 1980s and early 1990s. So far, only a little over 200 of these have been indexed, others will be added to this list as time goes on. These are in no particular order, use the search function on your browser to find a surname of interest.

This index lists all the persons mentioned on one sheet under the same reference number. Look for alliances to find likely relations, e.g. if your Bourke married a Devlin, look for sheets listing both those names together.

Irish Family Informatio Exchange

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ifix9999 Sarah Ann Devlin, Arthur Devlin, Rosanna Bourke, James Baldwin, Jane Baldwin, Christopher Koch, Mary Baldwin, James McGolrick, George Baldwin, Rosanna Baldwin, Patrick McGuire, Sarah M Baldwin, Joseph Baldwin, Arthur Baldwin, Bridget ODea, Alice Baldwin, Frederick Baldwin
ifix9998 Margaret Devlin, Arthur Devlin, Rosanna Bourke, William Small, William Devlin Small, Rosanna Devlin Small, Martin G.Minter
ifix9997 Joseph Kerrison, Frederick Kerrison, Joseph B Kerrison, Margaret Kerrison, Jane Kerrison, Charles G Kerrison, Adeline Kerrison, Robert Kerrison, Catherine Bowen, Elizabeth Steel, Harrie Leeds, Eliza Johnson, Charlotte Teague, Rosanna Bourke, Arthur Devlin, Margaret Devlin, William Small
ifix9996 Patrick Devlin, Arthur Devlin, Sarah A Devlin, Valentine Devlin, Adella Devlin, Alfred Devlin, Sarah M Devlin, Michael Devlin, Dora Devlin, Bernard Devlin, Edith V Schwasback, Nora W Luscombe, Rosanna Bourke, Janetta Chatfield
ifix9995 Bernard Devlin, Arthur Devlin, Catherine Devlin, Michael Devlin, Mary Devlin, Jane Devlin, Patrick Devlin, William H Devlin, George Devlin, Edward Devlin, Daniel Devlin, Rose Ann Devlin, ?? Byrnes, Charles Tibbles, Catherine Russell, Ellen E McGuire, Mary Ann Smith, Rachel Swilks, Frederick Johnson, Amy M Seers, Amelia Beckingham, Rosanna Bourke, Catherine Ryan
ifix9994 Arthur Devlin, Sarah Ann Devlin, Margaret Devlin, Patrick Devlin, Bernard Devlin, Catherine Devlin, Rosanna Bourke, James Baldwin, William Small, Joseph Kerrison, Janetta Chatfield
ifix9993 Arthur Devlin, Margaret Devlin, Patrick Devlin, Bernard Devlin, Sarah Ann Devlin, Rose Devlin, Catherine Devlin, Michael Devlin, Rose Bourke, Rosanna Bourke, Joseph Kerrison, James Baldwin, Martin Minter, William Belcher
ifix9992 James Devitt, Martin Devitt, John Devitt, Brian Devitt, Edward Devitt, Patrick Devitt, Mary Drew
ifix9991 Martin Devitt, Anna Devitt, James Devitt, Michael Devitt, Mary Devitt, Patrick Devitt, Martin Devitt, Agnes Devitt, Francis William Devitt, Bryan Devitt, Sarah Devitt, Mary Drew, Patrick Drew, Margaret Moran, Dennis Ronan, Molly Donovan, John Rafferty, Joseph Michael AHearn
ifix9990 Dennis Devitt, Barbara Devitt, Joseph Kinsie
ifix9989 Michael Devine, Biddy Laffey, Cathe Joyce
ifix9988 Gertrude Catherine Donlon, Michael Martin Donlon, Michael Donlon, John Donlon, David Geraghty, Ellen Geraghty, Thomas Bourke, Anna Bourke, Cathryn Murphy
ifix9987 William Donaldson, Elizabeth Donaldson, John Donaldson, James Donaldson, Alexander Donaldson, Robert Donaldson, Patterson Donaldson, Thomas Fletcher Donaldson, Allen H Donaldson, Mary Ann Donaldson, William Donaldson, Isabella Donaldson, Barbara Allen Walker, Alexander Walker, Elizabeth Patterson, William Tackett, Eliza Tackett, James Switzer, Mary Switzer, Margaret Cartmill, Nancy Harper, Susanna Brown, Margaret Bromegen, Isabella Connelly, Sarah Power, John Linville
ifix9986 Andrew Donaldson, Catherine Donaldson, Mary Donaldson, James Donaldson, Jane Donaldson, Samuel Donaldson, Sally Donaldson, Margaret Donaldson, Sally Stewart, Thomas Moore, Ann Cummings, Bazeleel Inman, ?? Norton
ifix9985 William Dolan, James Dolan, Rosanna Dolan, Charles Dolan, Emeline Dolan, Joseph Dolan, Harriett Dolan, George Sherman
ifix9984 Michael Dolan, James Dolan, Margaret Slow, Mary Nixon, Barney Flannigan
ifix9983 Thomas Doolan, Thomas Dolan, Edward Francis Dolan, Mary Kennedy, Patrick Moriarty, Ann Moriarty, Thomas Ferris, Margaret Ferris, Grace Romaine Hauer
ifix9982 Patrick Sylvester Dougherty, Charles Dougherty, Charles John Dougherty, Mary Dougherty, Mary Hennessey, Michael Hennessey, Ella Ann Elliott, Fred Watson, Ellen Cowhey
ifix9981 Patrick Doherty, Bernard F Doherty, Jane Doherty, Mary Doherty, Margaret Doherty, Joseph Doherty, Agnes Doherty, Elizabeth Doherty, Michael Doherty, Alice Doherty, Eustacia Doherty, Margaret Dunigan, Elizabeth Ann McCarville, Lee Weakland, William Cummings, Amanda Barnes, Mike Kenny, Frank Woods, Jeanna Whalen, Tom Stover, Joseph Ryan
ifix9980 Samuel Dixon, James Dixon, Jane Dixon, Sarah Dixon, John W Dixon, Mary Ann Dixon, Mary Ann Bygrove, Elizabeth Kirkham, Sarah Wallace
ifix9979 George Dixon, Elizabeth Dixon, Maria Griffith, Thomas Moncrieff
ifix9978 Michael Dickson, William Dickson, Matthew Dickson, Alexander Dickson, Sarah Dickson, Agnes Carson
ifix9977 Bernard McDermott, Ellen Conaty, Patrick Conaty, Rose Cullen
ifix9976 Owen Michael McDermott, Daisy McDermott, Mary Elizabeth McAvoy, Frederick Cram
ifix9975 John Dent, Charles Dent, Michael Dent, Richard Dent, Mary Dent, Charles Dint, Patrick Tougher, Bridget OMalley, Ann Barrett, Mary Barrett, Ned Barrett, Winifred Gaughan, Rose Gaughan, Mary Malley
ifix9974 John Delaney, Cornelius Delaney, Patrick Delaney, William Delaney, James Delaney, Winifred Novan, Johanna Williams, Bridget Russell, Bridget Maher, Catherine Skehar, Catherine Shaunessey
ifix9973 James Robert Dennington, Pamela Gay Dennington, William Earnest Dennington, Leroy Dennington, Wilburn Dennington, Herschel Dennington, Edward Dennington, Lavern Dennington, William F Dennington, James Dennington, Nellie Dennington, Maude Dennington, Myrlte Inez Dennington, Olive Dennington, Okley Dennington, Fowler Dennington, Francis Crockett Dennington, John J Dennington, Friela Hamilton Dennington, Thomas Jefferson Dennington, Mary Anna Dennington, Robey H Dennington, Jacob Dennington, Samuel Dennington, Stephen Dennington, Crockett Dennington, Hiriam Dennington, Bertha Emmer Hackney, Lucy Beck, Emily Kitchens
ifix9972 Michael Dennehy, Timothy Dennehy, Patrick Dennehy, Cornelius Dennehy, Mary Dennehy, Honora Dennehy, John Dennehy, Michael Dennehy, Dennehy, Catherine OSullivan, Jeremiah Murphy, Julia Murphy, Mary Murphy, Dennis Murphy, Cornielius Lowney, Mary Houlihan
ifix9971 Thomas Delany, Joshua Delany, William Delany, Alicia Isabel Delany, Thomas Delany, Edward Delany, Jane Joslin, Edwin Maggs, James Rennicks, Mary Kenny, William Kenny, Kenny
ifix9970 William Brownrigg, Margaret Brownrigg, William John Brownrigg, Lawrence Brownrigg, George Brownrigg, John Brownrigg, Marguerite Welsh, Marguerite Walsh, Mary Anna OBrien, Lawrence OBrien, Bridget Keogh, Marie-Josephine Epiphanie Lachance
ifix9969 Lawrence OBrien, Mary Anna OBrien, Bridget Keogh, William Brownrigg
ifix9968 John Brownrigg, William Brownrigg, Anasthasia Brownrigg, Margaret Welsh, Lawrence Welsh, Margaret Walsh, Lawrence Walsh, Mary Anna OBrien, Francis McEntee
ifix9967 Lawrence Walsh, Margaret Walsh, Lawrence Welsh, Margaret Welsh, John Brownrigg
ifix9966 Sara Ellen Fogerty, Judy Fogerty, Margaret Fogerty, Mary Fogerty, Thomas Fogerty, Peter McAdam
ifix9965 John Toher, Mary Toher, Ellen Toher, John Toher, Susan Toher, Dennis McCaffrey, James Reid
ifix9964 Thomas Moorhead, William Moorhead, James Jordan Moorhead, Catherine Moorhead, Mary Newton, John Day
ifix9963 Patrick Crean, John Crean, Michael Crean, Ellen Josephine Crean, Ellen Josephine Crane, William Healy, Bridget Healy, Honor Healy, William Haly, Allan Connolly, Mary Kate Connolly, Bridget Corbet
ifix9962 James McQuillen, Rose McQuillen, Richard McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, Daniel Patrick McQuillen, Pierre McQuillen, John McQuillen, Ann McQuillen, Catherine McQuillen, Bernard McQuillen, Suzanne McQuillen, Rose Ann McQuillen, Agnes McQuillen, Cecile McQuillen, Peter McQuillen, James Peter McQuillen, Bernard Michael McQuillen, Thomas Robert McQuillen, Jean Albert McQuillen, Andrew McQuillen, Mary Mulholland, Bernard Cain, Margaret Cain, James Cain, Peter Cain, Catherine Cain, Francis Cain, Joseph Cain, Rose Cain, Catherine McDonald, Catherine McGuire, McGuire, Ann McGuire, Nazaire Bessette, Bernadette Brosseau, Theophile Tetreault
ifix9961 John McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, Eliza McQuillen, Anonyme McQuillen, Margaret McQuillen, Thomas McQuillen, Catherine McQuillen, Louis Monette, James Monette, Elisabeth Monette, Hector Monette, Laure Derepentigny, Arthur Gauthier, Alice Gauthier, Blanche Gauthier, Jeanne Gauthier, Gauthier, Raphael Belanger, Guy Belanger, Marcel Belanger, Yvan Belanger, Marie Belanger, Gerald Belanger, Jules Belanger, Paul Belanger, Pauline Belanger, Lucie Belanger, Roger Belanger, Suzanne Belanger, Claire Belanger, Diane LaFrance, Rose Archambeault, John McCambridge, Patrick McCambridge
ifix9960 Daniel Scanlon, Ellen Scanlon, Ann Scanlon, Michael Scanlon, Susan Scanlon, Nora Scanlon, Mary Scanlon, Edward Scanlon, Patrick Scanlon, Scanlon, Hannah McGinley, Alphonse Eward, John T Cooper, Susan Marley
ifix9959 Mathew Lally, Patrick Lally, John Lally, Anne Lally, Edward Lally, Mary Lally, Hannah Lally, Mary Durkin, Ellen Duffy, Mary Cusick, Patrick Devine, Mary Heneghan, Patrick J McCabe, William Breslin
ifix9958 John Doyle, Christopher Doyle, William J Doyle, Ella Doyle, Brigette Caddy, Ruth Ann Parsons, Viola Baltray
ifix9957 Robert Lindsay, Eliza Lindsay, Alexander Lindsay, John Harrison
ifix9956 Christopher Doyle, John Doyle, Rosa Mae Doyle, William Addison Doyle, Clarence Leslie Doyle, Daniel Charles Doyle, Eugene LaSalle Doyle, Mary Birdell Doyle, Jenny Maude Doyle, Myrl Ella Doyle, Brigette Caddy, Ruth Ann Parsons, Daniel Parsons, Eva Ann Jones, Odius Bloomfield, Lena Ann Dornhoff, Emma Dornhoff, Elizabeth F Gier, Amelia M Felzier, Neva Hotchkins, LeRoy Saltzgaber, Henry A Podewitz, Seril Nelson
ifix9955 William Francis Daly, John Daly, George Daly, James Daly, Mary Daly, Fannie Daly, Margaret Loretta Daly, Joseph Aloysius Daly, Frances Eaton, Mary Ann Conroy, James Conroy, Bridget Shanley, Mamie Mullins, Joseph Patrick Quin, Caroline Agusto Lippert
ifix9954 Jeremiah Daly, John Daly, Matthew Daly, Mary Daly, Catherine Daly, Margaret OBrien, Margaret Sullivan
ifix9953 James Thomas Dailey, Marvin Dailey, Nimrod Dailey, Robert Dailey, Mary Rebecca Dailey, Esaias Quincy Dailey, Eliza Jane Dailey, Matilda Dailey, Julia Ann Dailey, William Dailey, James Thomas Dailey, David Dailey, Mary Majors, Mary Mauger, Mary Cottrill, Henry Cottrill, Andrew Cottrill, ??? Gorsline, Mary Johnson
ifix9952 John Joseph Daly, Bryan Daly, Mary Jane Daly, Catherine M Daly, John Joseph Daly, Robert M F Daly, Charles B Daly, Austin Daly, Theresa A Daly, Frances C Daly, Mary Sophia McDonald, Owen McDonald, Daniel Holland, Arthur Harry Peggs, Florence Rouse, Agnes C Nowlan, Amelia FitzSimmons, Frederick Turner
ifix9951 William Dalton, Patrick Dalton, John Dalton, Catherine Dalton, James Dalton, Mary Dalton, Catharine Dalton, Richard Dalton, Mary Dwyer, Bridget Carroll, Ellen Carroll, John Carroll, David Walsh, James Walsh, Judy Tobin, Margaret Larkin, Patrick Phelan, John Phelan, Thomas Phelan, Michael Murphy, Martin Gaul, Mary Landrigan, Johanna Landrigan, Margaret MacNeil
ifix9950 Martin Joseph Daire, James Daire, Mary Daire, Agnes Daire, Loretta Daire, Elizabeth Daire, Patrick Joseph Daire, Sara Daire, Margaret Daire, Sabina Daire, Mary Heary, Richard Heary, Margaret McBride, Jack Volker, Matthew King, Thomas R King, Theador Smith, Robert Blake, Martin Ryder, Muriel Serino
ifix9949 Thomas Dagg, Margaret Dagg, Jane Dagg, John Dagg, Richard Dagg, Susan Farmer, George Morgan, Robert Dean, Ellen Jane Wall, Anna B Spooner, Alice Walsh
ifix9948 Richard Morris, Edward Morris, William Morris, George W Morris, Isabella Morris, James Morris, John Morris, Ann Morris, Robert Morris, Frances Morris, Benjamin Morris, Archibald Morris, Jane Callison, James Callison, Rhoda Jackson, Margaret McClintic, Margaret Michael, William Elliott, John Douglas, Eleanor Blair, Archibald Armstrong, Margaret Millhollin
ifix9947 Patrick Staunton, Catherine Staunton, Stephen Staunton, John Staunton, Bridget Staunton, Margaret Staunton, Thomas Staunton, Ann Gibbons, John Mullin, Mary Hughes, James J Carey, Margaret Joyce, Thomas Stanton, Mary McDonald
ifix9946 Patrick Staunton, Myles Staunton, Ellen Staunton, Ann Staunton, Hugh W Staunton, Hannah C Staunton, Ann Gibbons, John McHugh, Dick Fennell, Catherine A Hand
ifix9945 Isaac Delamere, Sutton Delamere, Elizabeth Delamere, John Delamere, Richard Samuel Delamere, Elizabeth Wybrants, Hannah Sutton, Francis Caroline Buckley
ifix9944 John Dease, Richard Dease, Richard William Dease, John Warren Dease, Francis Michael Dease, Peter Warren Dease, Christopher Dease, James Hughes Dease, Charles Johnson Watts Dease, Jane French, Sarah Holmes, Mary Cadot, Jenny Benoist, Elizabeth Chouinard, Louise Demontigny
ifix9943 John Dease, Oliver Cromwell Dease, Edward Dease, Elsy Dease, Bridget Burke, William Burke, Charles Burke, James Burke, Bridget Gilland, Sarah Ann Massengale, Elizabeth Wall, Lucanda Stephens
ifix9942 Robert Dean, Thomas Dean, John Dean, Ann Dean, Margaret Dean, Richard Dean, Ellen Dean, Jane Dean, Robert G Dean, Jane Dagg, Thomas Dagg, Emily Patterson, Mary A Fowler, Livingston Parker, N G Grout, Ella S Doney, Nels Jensen, William Decker
ifix9941 Michael Dean, Edward Cullen Dean, Elizabeth Dean, Mary Dean, Anna Dean, Honora Dean, James Dean, Anna Cullen, Anna E Kennedy, Daniel Maher, John McGurn, Henry Dayton
ifix9940 William Deacon, William F Deacon, Marguerite Francine Deacon, Alva Deacon, Harriet Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, Mary E Wilds, Harriet M Geoch, Franklin Loveall
ifix9939 James Day, James B Day, Anthony Day, Bernard Day, William Day, John Day, Sarah Day, Thomas Day, Alice Day, Patrick Day, Mary Nolan Dillon
ifix9938 Michael Augustus DArcy, Michael DArcy, Hugh DArcy, Catherine DArcy, Francis DArcy, John DArcy, James DArcy, Susan McGee, Mary Ann Tripp, William Hatton, Hatton, Elizabeth Coffey, ?? Roworth, Sarah Thompson
ifix9937 Patrick Darcy, Michael Darcy, John Darcy, James Darcy, Thomas Darcy, Margaret Darcy, Mary Ann Darcy, Patrick Dorcy, Michael Dorcy, John Dorcy, James Dorcy, Thomas Dorcy, Margaret Dorcy, Mary Ann Dorcy, Margaret Connor, John Connor, Mary McDougal, Honora Sullivan, John Green, Green
ifix9936 John Daly, William Francis Daly, Mary Daly, Frances Eaton, Mary Ann Conroy, ?? Burke
ifix9935 John McCambridge, McCambridge, Margaret McQuillen, James McQuillen, Mary Mulholland
ifix9934 James McQuillen, John McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, Eliza McQuillen, Anonyme McQuillen, Margaret McQuillen, Mary Mulholland, Patrick Savage, Louis Monette
ifix9933 Bernard McGuire, Catherine McGuire, Thomas McGuire, Mary McGuire, Ann McGuire, Catherine OReilly, OReilly, John McQuillen, Peter McQuillen, Catherine Rossiter, Rossiter
ifix9932 Patrick Savage, Elizabeth Savage, Richard Savage, James McQuillen, Mary Ann Branigan
ifix9931 Richard Savage, Lucie Savage, Lara Savage, Patrick Savage, Rowland James Savage, Jeanne Savage, Catherine Savage, Mary Ann Branigan
ifix9930 Peter McQuillen, James McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, James Peter McQuillen, Bernard Michael McQuillen, Ann McQuillen, Thomas Robert McQuillen, Jean Albert McQuillen, Ann McGuire, Bernard McGuire, Mary Mulholland, Catherine OReilly
ifix9929 John McQuillen, James McQuillen, Bernard McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, Catherine McQuillen, Suzanne McQuillen, Rose Ann McQuillen, Agnes McQuillen, Mary Mulholland, Catherine McGuire, Bernard McGuire, Catherine OReilly, Nazaire Bessette, Joseph Brosseau
ifix9928 Richard McQuillen, James McQuillen, Mary McQuillen, Daniel Patrick McQuillen, Pierre McQuillen, John McQuillen, Ann McQuillen, Mary Mulholland, Catherine McDonald
ifix9927 Bernard Cain, Margaret Cain, James Cain, Peter Cain, Catherine Cain, Francis Cain, Joseph Cain, Rose McQuillen, James McQuillen, Mary Mulholland
ifix9926 James McQuillen, Rose McQuillen, Richard McQuillen, John McQuillen, Peter McQuillen, James McQuillen, Margaret McQuillen, Mary Mulholland, Bernard Cain, Catherine McDonald, Catherine McGuire, Ann McGuire, Elizabeth Savage, John McCambridge
ifix9925 Cornelius Delaney, John Delaney, John Thomas Delaney, James Francis Delaney, William Edward Delaney, Mary Johanna Delaney, Cornelius Leo Delaney, Emaline Delaney, Winifred Noran, Johanna Williams, John Williams, Williams, Mary Burke, Bridget Ann Horan, Julie Owens, Mary Cecelia Burns
ifix9924 Sutton Delamere, Isaac Delamere, Elizabeth Delamere, John Delamere, Anthony Delamere, Samuel Delamere, Richard Delamere, Mary Anne Delamere, Jane Delamere, Alicia Delamere, Jane Delamore, Alicia Delamar, George Hill, Marianne Smyth, Mary Ann Mason, Letitia Somers, Robert Kelly, Elizabeth Wybrants, Benjamin Buckley
ifix9923 Samuel Delamere, Sutton Delamere, Richard Samuel Delamere, Elizabeth Delamere, Matthew Delamere, Elizabeth Fox
ifix9922 Richard Delamere, Sutton Delamere, Elizabeth Delamere, John Delamere, Martha Delamere, Mary Jane Delamere, Letitia Delamere, Margaret Delamere, Letitia Somers, Bryan Edward Somers, Rachel Ebb, John Bagg, Emma Watson, Alfred Thomas Watson, James Turner, William Haynes, Walter Scott Cranston
ifix9921 John Delamere, Isaac Delamere, Elizabeth Delamere, John William Delamere, Mary Ann Delamere, Margaret Susan Delamere, Sarah Delamere, Elizabeth Wybrants, Hannah Sutton, Elizah Sutton, James Buckley, John Wallace, Thomas Cragg, Kathleen Fox, Robert Fisher
ifix9920 Michael Deegan, George Deegan, Patrick Henry Deegan, Minnie Deegan, ?? Hilker, Sarah Young, Michael Gamble
ifix9919 Michael Deegan, Patrick Henry Deegan, Anne Deegan, Daniel W Deegan, George Edward Deegan, Sarah Young, Henry Young, Anna Butterfield, Karolina Wilhelmina Noetzel, William Dunn, Carrie Griffin
ifix9918 Patrick Daly, Ellen Daly, Michael Abbott, Mary Murray
ifix9917 Thomas Abbott, Henry Abbott, Michael Abbott, Abbott, Maria Hale, Ellen Daly
ifix9916 Michael Nealon, Denis Nealon, Martha Ann Nealon, Ellen Nealon, Nealon, Mary Murphy, James Murphy
ifix9915 Michael Nealon, Margaret Nealon, Jane Nealon, James Nealon, Joseph Nealon, Francis Toner, Margaret Lally, Johanna Black
ifix9914 Michael Nealon, John Nealon, Mary Nealon, Jane McKenney, Margaret Maloney, Michael Barrett
ifix9913 John Rolston, Elizabeth Rolston, Jane Rolston, James Rolston, Andrew Rolston, Margaret Rolston, Martha McCutcheon, John Attwood Keays
ifix9912 James Rolstone, Robert Rolstone, William Rolstone, James Little Rolstone, Jane Rolstone, John Rolstone, Caroline Rolstone, Isabella Rolstone, Charlotte Rolstone, Elizabeth Rolstone, Elizabeth Little, Robert Pink
ifix9911 William W Algeo, William H Algeo, Preston L Algeo, Preston Leffever Algeo, Rachel Emma Miller, George W Lehman, Margaret Lehman, Thomas Preston, Mary Ball Preston, Rebecca Whiteside
ifix9910 Peter Henderson Dolan, Anthony Martin Dolan, John Harold Dolan, Leo A Dolan, Mary Gilliam, Vernon L Boozer, Eliza Boozer, Annie Kerrigan, James McGarvey, John James McGarvey, Frances Ann McGarvey, Fannie McGarvey, Charles McGrory, Mary McGrory, Mary Duffy, Berdezia June Dolan
ifix9909 James Reilly, Daniel Reilly, Edward J Reilly, Benjamin Reilly, Daniel J Reilly, Mary OBrien, Isabell Smith, Jeannette Stoffl
ifix9908 John H Reilly, Daniel Reilly, Mary Ann Reilly, Thomas Riley, Kate Riley, John Edward Riley, Catherine M Riley, Sarah Riley, Daniel Riley, Elizabeth Riley, Mary OBrien, Sarah J McGregor, Daniel McGregor, Janet Wallace, George H Sampson, Mary Ellen Sage, Charles Henry Phillips, ?? Graham, Frances Chwala, Frederick Theodore Feager, John D Bapton
ifix9907 Patrick Sage, Bridget Sage, John Patrick Sage, Ellen Carr, Anna Sarah Stenersen, Ida Nelly
ifix9906 Daniel Reilly, John H Reilly, James Reilly, Patrick Reilly, Reilly, Mary OBrien, Sarah J McGregor, Isabell Smith, Ellen Morris
ifix9905 Daniel Shea, Mary M Shea, John Edward Shea, Margaret M Shea, Denis Shea, Annie Josephine Shea, Joseph Patrick Shea, Shea, Mary Murphy, Bridget Lane, Dennis Lane, Margaret Kelleher, Mary Ann McCann, John D McCann, Ambrose Patrick Doyle, Mary Cecelia Welch
ifix9904 Michael Reardon, Jeremiah Reardon, Margaret Reardon, Charles Reardon, William Reardon, Cornelius Reardon, Mary Kehering, Margaret Murphy, Darby Murphy, Roger McCann, Hanora Shea, Ellen Fitzgerald
ifix9903 Daniel McCann, Roger McCann, John D McCann, Daniel McCann, Mary McCann, Nora McCann, Nora Buckley, Margaret Reardon, Mary Bridget Reardon, Margaret M Shea, Mary Anne Rahilly, Daniel Casey
ifix9902 John Kelleher, Margaret Kelleher, Jeremiah Kelleher, Mary Kelleher, Dennis Lane, Catherine Shire
ifix9901 James Garry, Catherine Garry, John Garry, Hannah Garry, Julia Garry, Frank Garry, Sabine Garry, Mary Garry, Thomas Garry, Sabina Quinn, William Ryan, John Ryan, Thomas Ryan, Margaret Flynn, Nellie OKeefe
ifix9900 Anthony Pemrich, Catherine Pemrich, Bridget Pemrich, James Pemrich, Patrick Pemrich, Mary Reta Pemrich, Peter Pemrich, Ellen Pemrich, Anthony Pemrich, John Pemrich, Helen Conroy, Ellen Conroy, Charles Edmundson, Edward Joseph Lakkin, Salina Duchane, Katie Loefler, Charles Vasterli, Kate Dwyer, Anna Olson
ifix9899 Thomas Bell, Mary Bell, Elizabeth Bell, Jane Bell, Ann Dinwiddie, John Dinwiddie, James Dinwiddie, Thomas Dixon, James McReynolds, Nathaniel Patterson
ifix9898 John McReynolds, James McReynolds, Benjamin McReynolds, Oliver McReynolds, Joseph McReynolds, Robert McReynolds, Elizabeth McReynolds, Mary Preston, Elizabeth Shepherd, Solomon Shepherd, Sarah Dixon, Mary Bell, John Rodgers
ifix9897 John A Arthur, Thomas Arthur, Mary Arthur, Isabelle Arthur, Barnabas Arthur, Sarah Arthur, Elizabeth Arthur, John Arthur, John Dixon, Dixon, Thomas Machem, Nancy Williamson, Nimrod Newman, Hohn Greene
ifix9896 Matthew Wilson, James Wilson, John Wilson, Robert Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Martha Wilson, Jane Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Mary Wilson, Mary Dixon, John Dixon, Nancy Booth, Elizabeth Hunter, Oblia Pendleton, Polly Wood, Mary Cox, William McReynolds, William Thomas, James Meecher, John Carson, Millie Doss, ?? Letford
ifix9895 Patrick Hyland, Mary Hyland, Thomas Hyland, Julia Hyland, Bridget Quinn, Richard Golden, Margaret Kiley
ifix9894 Richard Golden, Mary Ann Golden, William Golden, Patrick Golden, Thomas Golden, Catherine Golden, Bridget Golden, Mary Hyland, Patrick Hyland, Bridget Quinn, John Hammill, Anastasia Kelley, Margaret Ryan
ifix9893 John Harrison, Patrick Harrison, William Harrison, Michael Harrison, Katie Harrison, Ellen Marie Pemrick, Helen Conroy, Ella Maloney
ifix9892 Patrick OFlynn, Edward OFlynn, Martin OFlynn, William OFlynn, Thomas OFlynn, Mary Ann OFlynn, Katherine Irene OFlynn, Bridget Cecelia OFlynn, Margaret OFlynn, Anne Walsh, Patrick Walsh, Ann Fogarty, James Timmons, Mary Timmons, Lillian Timmons, Patrick Murphy, Norbert Murphy, Patrick Conroy, Ursula Conroy, Joseph William Conroy, Edward Conroy, Ann Conroy, Patrick Conroy, Dennis Conroy, Catherine Conroy, Frank Garry, Mary Garry, John Garry, Sabina Garry, Anne Garry, Joseph Garry, Julia Garry, Florence Garry, Margaret Garry, Frank Garry, Jeff Garry
ifix9891 Michael McGill, Patrick McGill, Edwin McGill, John McGill, Francis McGill, Gertrude McGill, Mary Anne McGill, Mary McGuire, David Michael Conway
ifix9890 Alexander Grace, John Morris Grace, Mary Grace, Margaret Grace, Elizabeth Morris, James Morris, ?? Colton, Eliza Hutchinson, James Weibel, Moses Lockhardt
ifix9889 John Morris Grace, Alexander Grace, Matthew Alexander Grace, Margaret E Grace, Mary Henrietta Grace, Anna Louise Grace, Alice Grace, John Daniel Grace, Robert Francis Grace, William Durbridge Grace, Eliza Josephine Grace, Elizabeth Morris, Eliza Hutchinson, Matthew Hutchinson, ?? Cram, Virginia Elizabeth Huye, Rosina Turney, William Walker Points
ifix9888 Thomas James ONeill, William ONeill, Charles William ONeill, Edward Henderson ONeill, Marion Florence ONeill, Emma Rebecca ONeill, Thomas ONeill, Sarah ONeill, John Johnston ONeill, Mary Jane ONeill, Alice Ann ONeill, Mary Jane Henderson, Alice Ann Johnson, (Captain) McMurray
ifix9887 William Carey, Richard Carey, James Jeseph Stephen Carey, Thomas Carey, John M Carey, Mary Carey, Alice Healy, Catherine Veronica Sheehan, Mary H Tobin
ifix9886 Joseph Patrick Hogan, Terrence James Hogan, Eileen Marie Hogan, Thomas Patrick Hogan, Maryjo Hogan, Timothy Joseph Hogan, Michael Francis Hogan, Brian Christopher Hogan, Mary Catherine Joyce, Thomas Patrick Joyce, Mary Josephine Griffin, Deborah Susan Haas, Stephen Michael Sugar, Paula Marie Skraba, Gordon Wayne Brunson, Mary Martin Spalding, Barbara Dhu McCorkhill, Mary Eleanor Mackubin Clark
ifix9885 Joseph Patrick Hogan, Thomas Charles Hogan, William ORourke Hogan, Sarah Marie Hogan, Mary Katherine ORourke, Francis ORourke, Mary M Brennan, Sarah Brennan, Evelyn Rose Killilea, William Gavelis, Mary Catherine Joyce
ifix9884 Thomas Charles Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Joseph Patrick Hogan, Mary Elizabeth Hogan, Kathleen Hogan, William Hogan, Louisa Mary Briggs, Mary M Brennan, Mark Brennan, Catherine Murphy, Mary Katherine ORourke, Nora Durkee
ifix9883 Thomas Hogan, John Hogan, Thomas Charles Hogan, Alice Hogan, Louisa Mary Briggs, William Charles Briggs, Elizabeth Briggs, Mary M Brennan, William Wicks
ifix9882 John Hogan, Thomas Hogan, Louisa Mary Briggs
ifix9881 Michael Joseph OCallaghan, Patrick J OCallaghan, Maurice OCallaghan, Catherine A Doyle, Elizabeth Cecilia Gunn, Margaret Duggan, Patrick Lynch
ifix9880 Michael Joseph OCallaghan, Patrick J OCallaghan, Elizabeth OCallaghan, Mary OCallaghan, John Cornelius OCallaghan, Elizabeth Cecelia Gunn, Catherine A Doyle, Margaret Duggan, Frank Swoboda, Margaret Veronica Brown
ifix9879 Patrick J OCallaghan, Michael OCallaghan, Thomas F OCallaghan, Margaret Duggan, Elizabeth Gunn
ifix9878 Patrick OCallaghan, Michael Joseph OCallaghan, Thomas F OCallaghan, Margaret Duggan, Elizabeth Gunn, Catherine Ann Doyle
ifix9877 Michael Joseph OCallaghan, Patrick OCallaghan, Elizabeth M OCallaghan, Mary OCallaghan, John Cornelius OCallaghan, Margaret Duggan, Elizabeth Cecilia Gunn, Frank Swoboda
ifix9876 William Callahan, Eugene Callahan, Michael B Callahan, William D Callahan, Edward F Callahan, Catherine Sullivan, Lillian M Chmelik
ifix9875 Daniel C Callahan, William Callahan, John William Callahan, Daniel H Callahan, Margaret Callahan, Edward S Callahan, Ann Henry, John Henry, Katherine Sweeney, Emma Colsey, Ida Blauvelt, Thomas J Curran
ifix9874 Peter Callaghan, Francis Callaghan, James Callaghan, Thomas Callaghan, Bridget E Callaghan, Annie M Callaghan, Sarah C Callaghan, Jane Callaghan, Celia Callaghan, William Callaghan, Catherine Kelly
ifix9873 Timothy OCallaghan, Delia T OCallaghan, Catherine Dannely, Stephen Dominic OConnor
ifix9872 Thomas Calahan, Tillie Calahan, Celia McDonnell, Thomas Short
ifix9871 Thomas Callahan, Patrick Callahan, Marceila Mary Callahan, Edward Charles Callahan, Margaret Callahan, Alice ODay, Patrick ODay, Mary Ann McGuire, Benjamin Silverman, Lucille Darleane McCarty, Sylvan Repetti
ifix9870 Charles A Callaghan, James Callaghan, Charles Elwin Callaghan, Francis Callaghan, Albert J Callaghan, Clarence W Callaghan, Florence Mary Callaghan, Kate K Callaghan, Fred C Callaghan, Arthur G Callaghan, Catherine Loughlin, Cora Sanborn, Thomas Dooley, Kathryn L Carry, William Schnoor, Fred Schnoor, Agnes Griffin
ifix9869 James Callaghan, Neil Callaghan, Mary Callaghan, Charles A Callaghan, Kate Callaghan, Patrick Callaghan, Michael McDermott, Mary McDermott, Catherine Loughlin, Grace Emery
ifix9868 Bartholomew OCallaghan, Margaret Fitzsimmons, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Ann Quirk
ifix9867 John Campbell, Mary Ann Campbell, William Campbell, Robert Campbell, Jane Campbell, James Campbell, Mary Mawhinney, Mathew Johnston, Mary Ann Clark, ?? Harbison, Mary OHara, John McGarvey
ifix9866 James Edgar Campbell, Adam Campbell, Arthur Clayton Campbell, Ida May Campbell, Phoebe Ann Bradshaw, Anna C Mullarney, John Mullarney, Margaret Troy, Ida Gertrude Crans, Clarence Walter Obey
ifix9865 Joseph Campbell, Moses Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Jane Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, John Campbell, Sarah Campbell, Mary McCowen, Catherine Spratt, Isaac Trowbridge, Merritt Trowbridge, Jonathan Trowbridge, Mary Trowbridge, Alexander Trowbridge, Margaret Trowbridge, Joseph Trowbridge, Isaac Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Stephen Harris, Robert Harris, Sally Harris, Lemuel Harris, Melinda Harris, Ebenezer Troebridge, Thomas Elliott
ifix9864 Robert Campbell, Charles Campbell, John Campbell, Sarah Campbell, Mary Campbell, James Campbell, Janet Stewart, Mary Stuart, Agnes Allen, James Clark, Robert Gordon, Hannah Mary Taylor, Mary McMain
ifix9863 Patrick McCann, Bridget McCann, Matthias McCann, Hugh McCann, Anna McCrea, Elizabeth Coulson, Elizabeth Egerton, Ellen Rafferty
ifix9862 Daniel McCann, John McCann, Stephen McCann, Winifred McCann, Elizabeth McCann, Honora McCann, Ellen McCann, Daniel McCann, Honora Buckley, George Taffe
ifix9861 Roger Burns, Katie Burns, Joanna Burns, Elizabeth Burns, Edward Burns, Mary Burns, Sarah Burns, John Charles Burns, Edmund Burns, Roger Cornelius Burns, Catherine Sullivan, Mary Lyons, Cornelius Lyons, Johanna Brennen, Henry Douglas, ?? Keith, ?? Heath, Alice McGrath, Mary Stella White
ifix9860 James Burns, Alice Burns, Edward Burns, Mary Cecelia Burns, Daniel James Burns, Ellen Frances Burns, Regina Burns, Catherine Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Annie Murphy, Alice OBrien, William E Delaney, Hugh McKaig
ifix9859 Archibald Busby, Sarah Busby, Maria Wilson, James Hamilton
ifix9858 Julia Agnes Butler, James Butler, Catherine Coates, Coates, Robert OBrien
ifix9857 Philip Butler, James Butler, Margaret Butler, John Butler, Nicholas Butler, Mary Butler, Julia Stack, James Stack, Margaret Fallis, Michael Rourke
ifix9856 Patrick Butler, Walter Butler, John Butler, William E Butler, James Joseph Butler, Catherine Butler, Mary Butler, Thomas Butler, Anna OBrien, Minnie Cronkright, Ann Marie Adrain, ?? Hunter
ifix9855 James Butler, Mary Butler, Mary Ann Butler, Catherine Butler, Edward Butler, William Butler, John Roche Butler, Francis Butler, Lawrence Butler, James Manning Butler, Catherine Roche, James F Melins, Laura Pauline Victoire
ifix9854 James Butler, Thomas Butler, Catherine Roche
ifix9853 Joseph Butler, George William Butler, Tabitha Butler, DeWitt J Butler, Polly James, Lucy W Jennings, Michael Groves
ifix9852 John Byrne, Daniel Byrne, Mary Byrne, Margaret Byrne, Delia Byrne, Thomas Kinney, ?? McGovern, ?? Glorius, Margaret Maloney, Mary Webb
ifix9851 Thomas Byrne, Gerret Byrne, Maurice Byrne, James Byrne, Daniel Thomas Byrne, Mary Byrne, Patrick Byrne, Sarah Byrne, Mary Kelly, Daniel Kelly, Bridget Allen, Bridget McGuire, James OBrien, James H Glynn
ifix9850 Michael Byrne, Delia Byrne, Edward Byrne, Mary Byrne, James Byrne, Kathleen T Byrne, John Byrne, Tim Byrne, Honora Murray, James Murray, John Murray, Bridget Rooney, James Campton, Mary Doren, Kitty Kellmer, Alfred Aldred
ifix9849 Maurice Byrne, Richard Byrne, Ellen Begley, John Begley, ?? Reynolds
ifix9848 Maurice Byrne, Richard Byrne, Ellen Byrne, Byrne, Ellen Megley, John Megley, Patrick Walsh, D Franey, Mary Mansfield, Daniel OBrien, John OBrien, John Begley, Jeremiah Long, Edmund Henning, Ellen Connery, Jeremiah Long
ifix9847 Stephen McCabe, Mary McCabe, Margaret McCabe, James McCabe, Francis McCabe, Hugh Crighley, Patrick Crighley, Margaret Crighley, Peter McEnroe, Mary Farrell, Margaret Kelly
ifix9846 Stephen McCabe, Frances McCabe, Mary McCabe, Margaret McCabe, James McCabe, Mary Farrell, Margaret Crighley, Peter McEnroe, James Norbury
ifix9845 James McCabe, Thomas McCabe, Julia McCabe, Mary Ann McCabe, James Edward McCabe, Patrick Lawrence McCabe, Beatrice Theresa McCabe, Julia OBrien, Bernard Brady, Luke Keough, Mary Ann Doran, Sara Donnelly, John Osborne
ifix9844 Alexander McCabe, Patrick McCabe, Catharine McCabe, Elizabeth McCabe, Mary McCabe, Margaret McCabe, Richard Ryan, Michael Ryan
ifix9843 Teresa McCaffrey, Joseph McCaffrey, Bridget McCaffrey, Mathew McCaffrey, James McCaffrey, Mary Capella, Michael Reardon, Elizabeth Reardon, Emil Kucher, Josephine Kucher, Emily A OConnell
ifix9842 David Caldwell, James Caldwell, John Caldwell, Mary Caldwell, Isabell Caldwell, William Caldwell, Ann Harris, Elizabeth Harris, William Harris, Elizabeth Huggins, John Davis, ?? White
ifix9841 John Buchanan, Thomas Buchanan, Jasen Buchanan, James Buchanan, William Buchanan, Archibald Buchanan, Alexander Buchanan, Jane Russell, Samuel Russell, Elizabeth Speer, Martha Buchanon
ifix9840 John Burke, Catharine Burke, Mary Lawlor, James Shaughnessey, John J Shaughnessey, John T Sheehan
ifix9839 John Donelon, Michael Donelon, Michael Martin Donelon, Gertrude Catherine Donelon, David Geraghty, Ellen Geraghty, Thomas Bourke, Anne Bourke, Cathryn Murphy, John Anthony Murphy
ifix9838 Thomas Bourke, Bourke, Honora Loughlin, Bridget Bailey
ifix9837 Moses Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Peter Burke, Arthur Burke, Anna Burke, Thomas Francis Burke, Mary Burke, Jane Stanford, Patrick Quinn, John Muldowney, Catherine Rose McGuire, ?? Brown
ifix9836 Owen Burke, Johanna Burke, James Burke, Daniel Burke, Aleigair Burke, Dennis Burke, Mary Glass, Thomas Adams
ifix9835 James Burke, Thomas Burke, James E Burke, John Burke, Gordon H Burke, Hanora Burke, Catherine Burke, Ellen Burke, Jane Burke, Anna J Burke, Rosa Burke, Thomas L Burke, Mary Cushon
ifix9834 Lawrence Burke, Michael Burke, Thomas Burke, Martin Burke, Michael Burke, Catherine Burke, Mary Burke, William Burke, Anthony Burke, Bridget Barrett, Bridget Noone, May A Noon, Patrick Noon, Catherine Cuff, John Ford
ifix9833 Patrick Burk, John T Burk, Henry Burk, Jacob Burk, George Burk, Levi Burk, Caroline Burk, Elizabeth Burk, Roseanna Burk, William Burk, Hiram C Burk, Anna Mary Finfrock, George Henry Finfrock, Rebecca Meek, Susannah Meek, Margaret Kelly, Lucinda Kinsler, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Jane Gordon, Keziah Redman, Matilda Hall, ?? Dehuff
ifix9832 Patrick Bourke, Margaret Bourke, Edmond Bourke, Sarah Bourke, Annie Bourke, John Bourke, Mary Casey, John Casey, Patrick Burke, Catherine Coffey, Edward Kenny, Bridget Davis
ifix9831 Patrick Burke, Michael Burke, Ned Burke, John Burke, William Burke, Thomas Burke, James Burke, Mary Burke, Ellen Burke, Hanora Burke, Margaret Bourke, Patrick Bourke, Mary Casey, ?? OBrien, James Neville
ifix9830 Charles McBurney, John Henry McBurney, Catherine Tierney, Margaret Britton
ifix9829 John McBurney, James McBurney, Mary McBurney, Benjamin McBurney, Jane McBurney, Isaac McBurney, Robert McBurney, Patience Ann McBurney, William McBurney, Isabel McBurney, Ann Dixon, Hannah Bigham, Malinda Gooderl
ifix9828 Sinon Byrnes, Sinon Burns, Michael Joseph Burns, Simon James Basil Burns, Honorah Blake, Patrick Grace, Mary Grace, Bridget Blake, James McGrath, Mary McGrath, Kitty OBrien, John ODonnell, Margaret ODonnell, Bridget Madigan, Helen Ross Watson
ifix9827 John Burns, William J Burns, Mary Scott, Mary Thomas
ifix9826 Patrick Burns, Julia Burns, James P Burns, Nicholas F Burns, Bridget McLaughlin, James McCormack, Bernice McCardel
ifix9825 Garret Burns, Elizabeth Burns, John Burns, Catherine Burns, William Burns, Mary Burns, Eleanor Allen, Mary Mock, Rudolph Mock, Mary Mauk, Rudolph Mauk, Catherine Ulrich, Rachel Ford
ifix9824 Owen Byrnes, Thomas Francis Byrnes, John Joseph Byrnes, Margaret Byrnes, Mary Carroll, Anna Doran, Mary A Lanigan
ifix9823 Jacob Brown, James Culbert Brown, Mary Brown
ifix9822 John Brown, George Brown, Olyvia Grace Brown, Alexander Brown, Charles Brown, John Stewart Brown, Charlotte Brown, William Brown, Mary Quinn, Frances McConaghy, Alex McConaghy, Charlotte Stewart, William Kennedy, Annie Elizabeth Hamilton, Annis B Cox, Robert Jeffers, Josie Knight
ifix9821 John Stewart Brown, John Brown, Olivia Grace Brown, Laura Snow Brown, John Bert Brown, Bertha Ann Cox, Annis B Cox, Hanna Maria Cox, James Jacob Cox, Frances McConaghy, Ann Downes, Roscoe Conklin Rice, Lucille M Schwekediek
ifix9820 John Stewart Brown, John Brown, James Alexander Brown, Alice Rose Geneveia Brown, Charles Adrain Brown, Frances Marie Brown, Violet Elizabeth Francis Brown, Mary Helen Emily Brown, Hanna Maria Cox, Bertah Ann Cox, Annis B Cox, James Jacob Cox, Frances McConaghy, Ann Downes, Loleta Clark, William Kempt, Grover Ochsner
ifix9819 Travis Brown, Sarah Amanda Brown, Orva Brown, Ulus Brown, John W Brown, David F Brown, Elisha Lindsay Brown, Matilda Ann Brown, Owen S Brown, George Brown, Lucinda Brown, Sarah Ann Lindsay, Elisha Lindsay, Sarah Holmes, Hezekiah Applegate Sutton, Mary Ann Sutton, Emmalina Wineinger, Frances Wineinger, Sally Ann Curry, George Goss, Nancy Collier
ifix9818 Thomas Brown, Bridget Brown, Catherine Brown, Margaret Morrissey
ifix9817 James Alexander Brown, Nellie Elizabeth Brown, Annie Hanson Brown, Catherine Moffit Brown, Mary Alice Brown, Annie Hanson Balmer, Charles H Scheffel
ifix9816 John Brown, William Brown, Isabella Brown, Ann Mercer, Janet Maxwell, William Maxwell, Elizabeth White, John Mack
ifix9815 John Browne, John Austin Browne, Catherine Browne, Margaret Henderson, Mary Ann Ryan, John McKenna, Andrew McKenna, Edna McKenna
ifix9814 William Brown, Rebecca Brown, John Brown, Lydia Brown, James Brown, Robert Brown, Thomas Brown, Peter Brown, Margaret Brown, Charles Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Margaret Graham
ifix9813 William Brown, Robert Brown, John Brown, Ann Mercer, Janet Maxwell
ifix9812 Joseph Brown, William Brown, Hugh Brown, James Brown, Margaret Brown, Violet Brown, Elizabeth Brown, David Brown, Mary Brown, Jane Brown, George B Brown, Francis Brown, Margaret Fleming, Mary Porter, Hugh Porter, Violet Mackey, Violet Dunlap, Anna Broyles, Jamima Broyles, Nancy Burdine, Benjamin Starrett, William Reid, James Joseph Reese, Mary Anderson, James Duff, Mary Bell, Moses Leste
ifix9811 David Brown, John Brown, Jane Brown, Margaret Brown, Martha Brown, Frances Brown, Eliza Brown, Ann White, Ross Merrick, John Deveric Morris, Daniel Long
ifix9810 James Brown, Jamie G Brown, Sarah Brown, Elizabeth Brown, E A Brown, Nellie Brown, Johanna Brown, James Brown, Mary Emily Brown, Patrick Brown, Thomas Brown, Mercy Brown, Mary Emily OConnor, ?? Hill, ?? Howard, ?? Hanley, ?? Caldwell, James Loftus, Margaret Loretta Brady
ifix9809 Alexander Brown, Adam Brown, Samuel Brown, Isaac Brown, Jane Brown, Polly Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Matthew Brown, John Brown, David Brown, Nancy Brown, Mary Bradford, Mary Bradshaw, Christian Zubez, Mary Clayton, John C Clayton, Eleanor Chinowith, David Pugh, Mary Queen
ifix9808 Isaac Brown, Alexander Brown, Sarah Brown, John Brown, Mary Ann Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Jane Brown, Samuel Brown, Rachael Brown, Thomas Brown, James C Brown, Mary Bradford, Mary Clayton, John Fowler, Sophia Randolph, James Moore, Annie North, Joseph Moor, Margaret Brannon, Adam Brannon, Elizabeth Harper, Harper, Elizabeth Hamilton, Katherine Wilson
ifix9807 Isaac Brown, Alexander Brown, Ellen Moore Brown, Margaret Ann Brown, Susan Brown, Eliza Brown, Isabel Brown, Matilda Brown, Absalom Chenoweth Brown, Martha Brown, Harriet Newell Brown, Mary Bradford, Eleanor Scott Chenoweth, Absalom Chenoweth, Nellie Reed, Samuel Law, Adam Acker, Robert Johnson, Edward Johnson, Samuel Baird, Samuel Beard, James Beard, John Wirick, Josh Wirick, ?? Reynolds, Mary Jane Bennett, Thomas Peter Skinner
ifix9806 Robert Brown, John Brown, James Brown, John P Brown, Robert E Brown, Margaret Matilda Eaton Brown, Mary Brown, Rebecca Jane Brown, Margaret Eaton, Phebe Bratton, James Bratton, Isabel George, ?? Peaks, Kate L Hughes, Samuel Stanhope Neale, Peyton B Killikelly, James Mosgrave
ifix9805 Robert Brown, Patrick Thomas Brown, Mary Mollet Brown, Isabell Mary Brown, Jane Watson, Myria Horton, Samuel Grant Gregg, Knute Iverson
ifix9804 Thomas Burke, Nicholas Burke, Michael Joseph Burke, Ellen Mary Burke, Miles Burke, Mary Basquill, Ellen Decourcey, Abigail Lane, Herbert John Smith
ifix9803 Thomas Bryan, Robert Bryan, Margaret Bryan, John Bryan, George Bryan, Winefred Bryan, Caren Brannon
ifix9802 Timothy OBrien, Anthony OBrien, Andrew OBrien, Lucy Maria Adams, James Ballou, Stella C Reynolds
ifix9801 William OBrien, Abigail OBrien, Mary Sexton, Michael Dooley
ifix9800 Francis Bryan, Thomas Bryan, Bryan, Phillipa Montgomery, Joan Fitzgerald, Ann Smith, Margaret Bouchier
ifix9799 John OBrien, Francis OBrien, Catherine OBrien, Mary Jane OBrien, Jerimiah OBrien, Julia OBrien, John Francis OBrien, Philip Joseph OBrien, Helen Elizabeth OBrien, OBrien, Mary Duffy, Philip Duffy, Robert F Carroll, George Timothy Sullivan
ifix9798 Thomas OBrien, William OBrien, Mary OBrien, Elizabeth OBrien, Michael OBrien, Ellen Genevive OBrien, James OBrien, Edward OBrien, John OBrien, Margaret Flemming, Michael Flemming, Charles Crase, Catherine Harrison, Fredrick E McGinley
ifix9797 Patrick OBrien, Benjamin OBrien, Jeremiah OBrien, Mary McInerney, Thomas McInerney, McInerney, Sarah Ann Kimber
ifix9796 Robert P OBrien, Catherine Frances OBrien, John J OBrien, Agnes A OBrien, Joseph P OBrien, Mary E OBrien, Julia OBrien, Rose OBrien, Julia A Butler, Patrick Smythe, Charles August Rogers, Edward M Rogers, Sarah Dolson Musser, Edward Krause, George Struble, B L Cochran
ifix9795 Patrick OBrien, Thomas OBrien, Ellen Devane, Catherine Mahoney, Bridget OConnor
ifix9794 Patrick OBrien, Ella OBrien, John J OBrien, Thomas P OBrien, Joseph M OBrien, Michael OBrien, Margaret OBrien, Cornelius OBrien, Kathryn E OBrien, Jane OBrien, Mary OBrien, Ellen Devane, Catherine Mahoney, Michael Mahoney, Johannah Buckley, James E Smith, Hanora Carney, Jennie Kearney, Mary Ryan, Joseph Scieszinski, Frances Fitzgerald, Joseph Falvey, Frank Carr
ifix9793 John Brierly, Margaret Brierly, Elizabeth Brierly, Robert Brierly, Henry Brierly, Jean Brierly, George Brierly, Isabella Brierly, Robert Brierly, Thomas Brierly, Ann Jackman, William Cunningham, ?? Dunsmore, John Logan, Elizabeth Bell, Margaret Webb, George Huges Worsley, Mary Garrison, John Corbet
ifix9792 Robert Brierly, John Brierly, Ann Brierly, Elizabeth Brierly, Jane Ann Brierly, Thomas Brierly, Presley Brierly, Mary Brierly, Henry Brierly, Eleanor Brierly, Ann Jackman, Elizabeth Bell, David Bell, Isaac Harris, James H Neel, Archibald Job, Mary Lynch, Samuel A Wilson
ifix9791 Thomas Britton, James Britton, Mary Britton, John Britton, Margaret Britton, Margaret Crowley, John Henry McBurney
ifix9790 John Brophy, Catherine Brophy, Archbald Naghten
ifix9789 Cornelius Broudy, Ellen Broudy, Kate Healy, John Coyle
ifix9788 Edward Colwell Brough, Samuel H Brough, Edward C Brough, Henry Austin Brough, Kate Regina Brough, Harry Shill Brough, Adeline Myers Brough, Alfred Walter Brough, Austin Burke Brough, Sarah A Burke, Austin Burke, Adeline Myers, Mary Margaret Smith, Henreitta Wunch, Nannie Robbins, Jennie Grace Ashworth
ifix9787 Robert Brown, David Brown, James Brown, Jane Hannah Brown, Isabelle Brown, Henry Brown, Joseph Brown, William Brown, Brown, Catherine McGarvey, Sara McCarl, William M Morris
ifix9786 David Brown, Robert Brown, Jane Brown, Catherine Brown, Mary Brown, James Brown, Agnes Brown, Catherine Ford, Catherine McGarvey, Edwin McGarvey, Mary Campbell, Robert Robertson, James Morrison, Andrew Dagon, Sara McCarl
ifix9785 Robert Brown, Jane Hanah Brown, David Brown, Catherine Ford, Adam Crosby, Catherine McGarvey
ifix9784 George Brown, John Brown, Mary Quinn, Frances McConaghy, Mary Downey
ifix9783 John Brennan, Rosanna Brennan, Michael Brennan, Brennan, John Madden
ifix9782 Michael Brennan, John Brennan, Marguerette Elizabeth Brennan, Elizabeth Brennan, Johnnie Brennan, Mary Brennan, Thomas James Brennan, Harry Homer Brennan, Abraham Lincoln Brennan, Mary Donohoe, Annie Marie Lenze, John Lenze, Margaret Rinehart, Jessie Kenny, Homer Largant, ?? Goff, ?? Wilterood, ?? Fulton, Rosalie Kathleen Snyder, Eva Mae Hughes
ifix9781 Herrin Brannan, Richard Brannan, Thomas Brannan, William Brannan, John Brannan, Henry Brannan, Anna Malone, Nancy Cowart, Mary Polly Howard
ifix9780 Timothy McBride, Barney McBride, Uny McBride, Catherine McBride, Patrick McBride, Mary Catherine McBride, Una Coyle, ?? McDevitt, Sarah Ann McGinley, Rudolph A Garske
ifix9779 Maurice McBride, Margaret McBride, Mary Dugan, Richard Heary, Edward Palmer Lathrop
ifix9778 Daniel OBrien, John OBrien, Mary OBrien, Charles James OBrien, Ellen Begley, John Begley, Maurice Byrne, Mary McCarthy, John Masterton Coats, Maria Ann Thomas, Annie Imelda Hickey

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