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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

Wills in the Diocese of Killaloe and Kilfenora

From Phillimore and Thrift's Indexes to Irish Diocesan Wills

Phillimore and Thrift published five volumes of Irish Diocesan Will Indices, each covering several dioceses. Most of the original wills were destroyed in the Four Courts fire, but names found in these indices are likely to occur in other records, such as the Registry of Deeds. These indices will provide the name, place of residence, and year of probate -- since property usually changed hands about the same time, these clues make it easier to find further records. Remember that these books are all 80 or more years old -- we have made the best possible copies from the available volumes, but not every page is perfect.

This table of contents covers the diocese of Killaloe and Kilfenora which includes parts of counties Clare, Galway, Offaly (Kings), Limerick and Tipperary. The first name on each page is listed here.

A Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Killaloe and Kilfenora, 1653 to 1800.

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0001 Abbot, John
0002 Benn, Fulmoth
0003 Brien, Patrick
0004 Carroll, Miles
0005 Cole, William
0006 Croghan, John
0007 Dooley, Darby
0008 Falkner, William
0009 Geran, Matthew
0010 Hallynane, Charles
0011 Hehir, Loughlen
0012 Huleatt, Arthur
0013 Kelly, Dory
0014 Kinna, Timothy
0015 McEgan, Conly
0016 McNemara, Mathew
0017 Minitt, John
0018 Neil, Brien
0019 OLoghlen, Denish
0020 Quelly, Teige
0021 Sadleir, Charles
0022 Stoney, Thomas
0023 Usher, Luke
0024 White, William

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