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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

Wills in the Diocese of Clonfert

Most of the original wills were destroyed in the Four Courts fire, but names found in these indices are likely to occur in other records, such as the Registry of Deeds. These indices will provide the name, place of residence, and year of probate -- since property usually changed hands about the same time, these clues make it easier to find further records.

This table of contents covers the diocese of Clonfert which includes parts of counties Galway, Offaly (Kings) and Roscommon. The first name on each page is listed here.

Index to Clonfert Wills 1663 - 1857

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0001 Allen, Thomas
0002 Burke, Francis
0003 Coghlan, Catherine
0004 Dixon, Sarah
0005 FitzGerald, James
0006 Hardiman, Timothy
0007 Kennedy, Peter
0008 Madden, Elizabeth
0009 Persse, Dudley
0010 Shaughnessy, James
0011 Whealon, Malachy or Loughlin

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