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Please NOTE! Additional materials for this county will be found in the Irish Resources page, which has documents and publications covering all of Ireland.

One can see the origin of the name Derry in the earliest designation for this part of Ireland: in the second century A.D. the Greek geographer Ptolemy designated this area of the island as the home of the Darnii or Darini. In ancient times it became the territory of a tributary sept of the O'Neill clan, called O'Cahan or O'Kane. Minor clans or septs in the region included McGilligan, O'Mullan, O'Connor, McClosky, McColgan, O'Carolan, O'Mulvenna, McCrilly, O'Dimond, McCracken, O'Hegarty, McRory, O'Corr, O'Kelly and McGurk.

25 Most Common Names in Derry: McLoughlin Bradley Kane Doherty Kelly Henry Stewart Miller Campbell O'Neill Wilson Smith Mullen Thompson Moore McKenna McCluskey Browne Clarke Kennedy McCloskey Johnston Mulholland Dogherty Connor.

Derry Publications

{Some of the following publications are available on microfiche only - if you do not have a fiche reader, contact your local library, they probably have one you may use (often with print capabilities as well). Click here for further information on placing an order.}

ANNALS OF DERRY, Simpson 1847, 3 fiche. A history of the town of Londonderry.

INDEXES TO IRISH WILLS (5 Volumes), Phillimore and Thrift 1909/1920
Volume V (Derry, Donegal and part Tyrone) 2 fiche.

Derry Premium Resources

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