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Please NOTE! Additional materials for this county will be found in the Irish Resources page, which has documents and publications covering all of Ireland.

Ptolemy identifies Dublin and parts of Meath as the home of the Blanii or Eblani, and subsequent authors have correlated their settlement of Eblana as the site of modern Dublin City. Later, the area south of the River Liffey was part of Croigh Cuolan, while lands north of that river belonged to Midhe, or Meath. Later, the area north of the Liffey fell under control the Vikings, and was called by the Irish Fingall, meaning the White Foreigners, while the south side of the river was called Dubhgall, meaning Black Foreigners, in reference to another group of Danish invaders. In time the Vikings gave way, and were soon replaced by the Normans. Hence most of the dominent names in the area were not of Irish origins: Harold, Luttrell, Sarsfield, Baget, Plunket, Delahide and Cruise. But on the fringes of the county the names are Irish: O'Casey, O'Hennessy and O'Ronan. Prior to the coming of the Vikings it was probably the territory of the O'Byrnes and O'Tooles, who were pushed south into Wicklow. By the time of Griffith's Valuation, in the mid 1800's, the area was again dominated by Irish names, drawn from all over the island to its Capitol and largest city.

25 Most Common Names in Dublin: Byrne Murphy Kelly Doyle Walsh Smith Reilly Farrell Dunne Carroll Moore Murray White Connor Ryan McDonnell Brady Kavanagh O'Brien Clarke Lynch Martin Kennedy Mooney O'Neill.

Dublin Publications

{Most of the following publications are available on microfiche only - if you do not have a fiche reader, contact your local library, they probably have one you may use (often with print capabilities as well). Click here for further information on placing an order.}

DUBLIN LIST OF ELECTORS FOR THE YEAR 1868, n.a. 1868, 4 fiche. Over 12,000 persons eligible to vote in Dublin.

DUBLIN CITY DIRECTORY 1838, n.a. 1839, CD-ROM. List of residents and businesses.

DUBLIN CITY DIRECTORY 1850, Shaw 1850, 4 fiche. Illustrated, includes street facades, lists residents and businesses.

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