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DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data

Paid-Access Data

Paid-access information may be accessed from these three pages:

  • Geographic - for a listing of resources by county
  • Surnames - for a listing of resources by personal last name
  • Titles - for a listing of resources by title

Note: some resources may be listed in only one or two of the above categories - be sure to check all three.

Paid-access information on this site falls into three categories:

  1. Immediately available HTML pages
  2. Information in HTML or plain text available on-order
  3. Scanned page images available on-order

For each listing of files or pages, there is a line in italics just before the beginning of the list that tells you whether the links lead to more detailed index pages, immediately available HTML pages, text or HTML pages available by-order, or scanned pages available by-order.

All 'paid-access' pages can be accessed by paid subscribers, or individually purchased by non-subscribers. Some of this information is also available for purchase on CD.

When paid subscribers select one of the text or scanned pages 'available on-order' that page is immediately listed in their control panel, but does not become available for viewing until the weekly update on Wednesdays. These pages remain available, from the paid member's control panel, for one week, until the following update.

Scanned pages are large graphic files that are pictures of text pages. These can be viewed in any browser, but text searching (the 'find' option) does not work because the page is an image. Many of these pages have also been transcribed to plain text, but those are not listed here. They are used when we conduct SEARCHES and paid subscribers are given the option to view them instead of the graphic version, when available.

Other information in the 'paid-access' section are plain text or HTML -- like the scan pages these are available to paid subscribers, or may be purchased individually. These can be anything from a few line transcription of a record and note on its source, to long texts that would take ten or fifteen pages to print out -- we refer to them each as a 'page' in the sense that each is displayed in your web browser as a single web page.

Nothing on DIGdat is 'copy protected' -- so you can print out anything you have access to. Everything on DIGdat is 'copyright' as well as contractually protected by our member agreements -- so you can only use information pertaining to the particular family or families you are researching, you can not reproduce entire data collections on other web sites or in other media.

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