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Please NOTE! Additional materials for this county will be found in the Irish Resources page, which has documents and publications covering all of Ireland.

Most of Mayo was the territory of the Nagnatae in the second century A.D., except the southern tip which was part of the lands of the Auterii, who were mostly in Galway. Later, this large county was divided into several territories: Ui Fiachrach Muaidhe, which extended from north Mayo into county Sligo; the area around Clew Bay was Ui hMaill or O'Malley's country; in southern Mayo and around Lough Corrib was Conmaicne Cuile Talad, while east-central Mayo was called Gailenga. Northwest of Lough Mask was Partraige or Partry. The main clans in Mayo were Burke and O'Malley. Lesser clans or septs included O'Ronan, O'Canny, McCunneen, McGannon, Barrett, O'Loughane (or Loftus), O'Towey, Hayes, McHale, O'Flannery, O'Mulrennan, O'Garvan, O'Dugan, O'Flynn, O'Flannelly, O'Moran, O'Linnane, O'Murray, O'Clery, O'Derrig, McFirbis, O'Mangan, McAndrew, Jordan, O'Dowd, O'Conway, O'Kerin, McCostello, O'Carney, McGibbon, O'Coyne, McEvilly, McNicholas, O'Henaghan, O'Horan, O'Beirne, Prendergast, McMorris, O'Tolleran, and Jennings.

25 Most Common Names in Mayo: Walsh Gallagher Kelly Moran Burke Malley Murphy McDonnell Duffy Gibbons McHale Barrett Lavelle Reilly Browne Joyce Loftus Hughes O'Donnell Higgins Brennan McLoughlin Connor Lyons Sweeny.

Mayo Publications

{Some of the following publications are available on microfiche only - if you do not have a fiche reader, contact your local library, they probably have one you may use (often with print capabilities as well). Click here for further information on placing an order.}

COUNTY MAYO CHRONICLES, a quarterly publication of County Mayo history and genealogy. Primarily consists of indexes and transcripts of records from various sources. Available as part of CD-6.

ERRIS IN THE IRISH HIGHLANDS, Knight 1836, 2 fiche. History, geography, ethnography, climate and antiquities of northwestern County Mayo.

GRIFFITH'S PRIMARY VALUATION OF RATEABLE PROPERTY IN IRELAND: Lists tenants and lessors for all property, gives value and size of holdings. Serves as substitute for a head-of-household census for Ireland in mid 1800's. COUNTY MAYO - 16 fiche. Also available on CD.

FULL NAME INDEX TO HOUSEHOLDERS: GRIFFITH'S, MAYO, Morris 1989, 5 fiche. Full index to records described above. Also available on CD.

HISTORY OF COUNTY MAYO TO THE CLOSE OF THE 16th CENTURY, Knox 1908, 5 fiche. The early history of Mayo, surprisingly comprehensive.

LOUGH CORRIB, ITS SHORES & ISLANDS, Wilde 1867, 2 fiche. History, geography, and anectdotes from this lake on the Mayo - Galway border.

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