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Please NOTE! Additional materials for this county will be found in the Irish Resources page, which has documents and publications covering all of Ireland.

In Ptolemy's time County Meath was the territory of the Eblani, whose control extended to present day Dublin and Kildare as well. In ancient times Ireland was divided into five provinces, rather than the four of the modern island, and Meath (along with Westmeath) formed the fith province, known variously as Mithe, Methe, Media, Midia, etc. The area encompassed by County Meath was called Oireamhoin meaning "the eastern country." The O'Reilly clan dominated in the west part of the county, and the rest was divided amongst many smaller clans or septs, including O'Loughnane, Fleming, Netterville, O'Mulholland, O'Devane, Darcy, Dillon, Cusack, Preston, Dowdall, Plunkett, O'Kelly, McGogarty, Fagan, Hussey, and O'Connolly.

25 Most Common Names in Meath: Reilly Smith Lynch Kelly Clarke Murray Byrne Brady Farrelly Farrell Brien Murphy Daly Sheridan Flood Duffy Martin Carolan Connell Fox McCabe Carroll Hughes Walsh Mooney.

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