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Mexican Postal Stamps

As with many other countries, the history of Mexico is written in its postal stamps, at least the most recent history. Modern Mexican stamps are as beautiful and diverse as one could hope, with a wide range of subject matter. Some of the earliest stamps in Mexico were very poorly printed, and do not have a strong visual impact, though if one looks closely the images can be very interesting.

Other early stamps are merely numbers in an oval cartouche, which have little esthetic value. When one considers the times they were printed in and the kinds of messages they covered, it does not take too much imagination to find even these forlorn bits of paper of interest.

Here is an 1864 stamp showing the ill-fated Emporer Maximillian, whose short reign in Mexico gave the Mexican people the will to form a stable self-ruling government:

Next, an 1874 stamp for four centavos shows Hidalgo, and has black number imprinted on top.

This 1894 one centavo stamp is one of those boring ovals with a number, but there is a certain beauty in the simplicity itself.

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