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Mexican History - Conquest to Early 20th Century

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Mexico History - Conquest to Early 20th Century On-Line Sources

Website Visited Comments 5/7/2008 Home to 'Ojo del Lago' articles and other information on the Lakeside area, this site includes some historical articles, including:
   San Juan de Ulua
Masonic Influence on Mexico
Mexico's Lindy Captain Emilio Carranza
Guzman - The Cruelest Conquistador
Freedom's Odd Couple Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juarez
Puebla A short history
Fate of Mexico 1913
Mexico's First Emperor
The Ejido History of Mexican land-laws
Conquest of Mexico Re-Examined
Altar Of The Sorrowful Mother
Mexicali Rose, Stop Crying!
The Little Ford That Could
D.H. Lawrence and Chapala
Mabry's Archive 5/6/2008 A wonderful collection of historical articles, this link is to the Mexican section which has many 20th century articles not included here, see the main site for similar articles on other countries too:
   Carlota, Empress of Mexico
Personal History of Pancho Villa and Its Effects on Mexican History
Mexico, U.S. Interventions, 1806-1876
Excerpt from Barbarous Mexico by John Kenneth Turner
Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada
Antonio López de Santa Anna (1794-1876)
Mexican Salaries, 1845-1849
Biography of Francisco I. Madero
Benito Juarez on La Reforma
Benito Juárez, on his early years
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848
Role and the Mission of the Catholic Church in Mexico
Mexican Anticlerics, Bishops, Cristeros of 1920's
Lázaro Cárdenas del Río (1895-1970)
Manuel Avila Camacho
Gabino Barreda: Prophet of Mexican Positivism
Gabino Barreda
Mexico: The Plan de Ayala
Juan N. Alvarez: Federalist, Revolutionary, and Liberator
Lucas Alaman (1792-1853), Conservative Leader
1917 Constitution of Mexico
Review of Ross Hassig, Aztec Warfare: Imperial Expansion and Political Control
Mexico Connect 5/6/2008 One of the largest English-language sites devoted to Mexico, it has numerous short articles on Mexican history:
   Chapala: A Formal History
Time-line Overview
Affirmative Action And Hernan Cortes
Cuauhtemoc: Winner In Defeat
Aztec Hamlet: The Tragedy Of Moctezuma II
The Spanish Conquest (1519-1521)
La Malinche - Harlot or Heroine?
La Malinche, Unrecognized Heroine
Mexico's Colonial Era--part I: The Settlement of New Spain
Mexico's Colonial Era--part II: Religion and Society in New Spain
Mexico's Colonial Era--part III: The Economy of New Spain
African Roots Stretch Deep into Mexico
Bartolome De Las Casas: Father Of Liberation Theology
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Viceroy Antonio De Mendoza 1530-1550
Nuño De Guzman: The Himmler Of New Spain
Nuño Beltran de Guzmán and The Founding of Guadalajara
Vasco De Quiroga - Practical Utopian
The Indelible Imprint Of Father Kino
The Remarkable Life Of Juana Ines De La Cruz
Miguel Hidalgo: The Father Who Fathered A Country
Jose Morelos y Pavon: Saga Of A Warrior Priest
Nicolas Bravo: Liberator, Si, Liberal, No!
Orderly Rebel: The Life And Thought Of Ignacio De Allende
Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
'El Grito' - The Cry
'EL GRITO', The Cry of Independence - September 15 or 16?
The 'Heroic Children': Reality Or Myth?
Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez: A Politically Correct 'Corrector'
Javier Mina
Lucas Alaman And The Mexican Right
Melchor Ocampo: Was Fiery Anticlerical Leader The Son Of A Catholic Priest?
Chameleon Adventurer: The Astonishing Career Of Agustin De Iturbide
Guadalupe Victoria - Presidente Desconocido
Vicente Guerrero: A Study In Triumph And Tragedy
Fighting Liberal: The Stormy Career Of Santos Degollado
Maximilian And Carlota: The 'Archdupe' And His Tragic Lady
Democrat To Autocrat: The Transformation Of Porfirio Diaz
Sweet And Sour Times On The Border
The Mexican Red Cross, It’s Different
The Mexican Revolution 1910
Venustiano Carranza 1859-1920
Usurper: The Dark Shadow Of Victoriano Huerta
Glorious Innocent: The Tragedy And Triumph Of Francisco Madero
Alone At The Top: The Achievement Of Alvaro Obregon
Aquiles Serdán: Madero's First Martyr
Zapata And The Intellectuals
The Zapatista Movement - Then and Now
The Revolution: A Nation in Flux - Part 1 (1910-20)
The Revolution: A Nation in Flux - Part 2
The Mexican Revolution - Consolidation (1920-40) Part 1
The Mexican Revolution - Consolidation (1920-40) Part 2
The Mexican Revolution - Consolidation (1920-40) Part 3
Cristero Rebellion Part 1
Cristero Rebellion Part 2 The Combat Phase
Cristero Rebellion Part 3 - Behind the Scenes
Mr. Clean: The Phenomenon Of Lazaro Cardenas
Mexico Online 5/4/2008 A site of links and a few short articles about Mexico
   Cinco de Mayo
Mexican Revolution of 1910
Hildago's Call for Mexican Independence
The Mexican War 5/7/2008 A brief history of the 1846/47 war from a Texas perspective.

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