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Some Pictures of the Chapala Region

Pictures below were taken using my now nearly 5 year old Olympus D460 Zoom camera, which still works great even though it way behind the multi-megapixel 10x zoom cameras of today (that cost less than I paid for mine so many years ago!)

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A street vendor in Chapala provides a complete natural pharmacy with herbs from the surrounding mountains.

The main streets in Chapala were once an obstacle course of vendors, signs and shoppers, though that is prohibited on the main street now.

A cloudy day in rainy season -- but look! There is a little water near the beach at Chapala... taken 23 September 2003.

Next to the pier, vendors set up tents to sell food, and a bunjee-jump device, on what used to be part of a baseball field -- everything beyond second base is now under water.

As soon as the water came back to the beach in Chapala, so did the Lirio (actually water hyacinth). Clearing the beach is an ongoing battle.

Unbelievable as it may seem, this is not an historic photo, but shows Chapala's beach as it appears today -- the lake is 40% full, far more water than it has had for the past few years... taken 8 October 2003, just two weeks after the other photo of that spot on this page!

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