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Privacy Statement

We solicit data and feedback from users of this site, and accept orders for genealogical products and services, and eBooks of various sorts. The submitter is responsible for making clear any copyright restrictions on materials submitted. Various pages on this site invite users to submit additional information -- users should not infringe on any copyrights in doing so, and should expect their name to be published with the data.

E-mail addresses that we receive from everyday correspondence, comments, orders, or other transactions are not distributed to any other parties.

We use a third party to process credit card information, so we never receive those details.

Mailing lists, correspondence, and other private information is not kept on an on-line server, and can not be accessed by anyone outside this company.

Refund Policy

eBooks purchased through our associated site ePMA (ePublication Marketing Associates) are covered by their return policy.

For products purchased through this site, we will replace any defective disks, CD's, ePublications or microfiche, but we do not offer refunds. This is research material, and many people would like to use it, copy the information they need, and return the product ... so all such sales are final.

Products purchased through one of our affiliate programs, such as Amazon.com, are covered by the policies of that company, check directly with them.

Our subscription services and mailing lists include discontinuation notices, and may be stopped by request at any time.

If you want to return an item because it is defective, please contact us for a return authorization prior to shipping. Use our Feedback Form to contact us.

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