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GENERAL ALPHABETICAL INDEX TO THE TOWNLANDS AND TOWNS, PARISHES, AND BARONIES OF IRELAND (Based on the 1851 census). 968 pages. Originally published by the Stationary Office, Dublin in 1861.

This is an essential reference work for Irish genealogists, listing all of the townland names in a single alphabetical sequence. The Irish townland is the basic geographic division into which all parishes are divided. There are over 64,000 townlands in Ireland, each averaging just a few hundred acres or less. It is essential to identify the townland of residence for Irish ancestors when doing genealogy because many land, census, estate, and other records are organized by townland. Also, it is often possible to distinguish between two persons of the same name in a parish only if the townland of residence is known. Once the townland is known, this reference work will give its exact location, citing a map reference, the size of the townland in acres, the county, barony and parish within which it is located, and the Poor Law Union it is in. This reference work also has a complete alphabetical list of the almost 3,000 civil parishes in Ireland, citing for each a map reference, size in acres, the county, barony and Poor Law Union in which it is found. Finally, there is an alphabetical list of the approximately 325 baronies into which Ireland was once divided, listing the map reference, size, county and Poor Law Union.

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