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A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE DUPUY FAMILY. By Charles Meredith Dupuy. 165 pages + 50 illustrations + 5 genealogy charts, indexed. Originally printed at Philadelphia, 1910. Reproduced on five microfiche 1987.

This genealogy traces the Dupuy family back to Italy in the twelfth century. Some of the name moved into France, and it was there that the progenitor of the American line that is traced in this book was born in 1679. Jean, or John Dupuy was only a child when his family moved to England, where John was educated. From there, he went on to Jamaica. By 1715 John Dupuy was in New York City, where he died in 1744. Some allied lines include: Ball, Brooke, Chardavoine, Coats, Cox, David, Ennalls, Evans, Graham, Haskins, Hillis, Hostetter, Hutchinson, Kirkbride, Kreider, Landis, Lane, Loockermans, McAuley, Meredith, Palmer, Pugh, Rambo, Reynolds, Richards, Rickey, Roberts, Rogers, Sanford, Sevier, Smith, Veiller, Waterman, White, Wright and many others.

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