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THE FAMILIES OF FRENCH OF BELTURBET AND NIXON OF FERMANAGH AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. By Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy. x + 211 pages, indexed, originally published 1908 at Dublin, Ireland. Reproduced on 3 microfiche, 1989.

This interesting and scarce Irish genealogy traces the descendants of George Nixon who died in County Fermanagh in 1702 leaving five sons and two daughters. Another section traces descendants of Richard French of County Cavan, whose will was proved in 1638. His son's will is sealed with the arms of the family of French of Galway, so the family probably goes back to those Norman roots. A great deal of information is also given for the family of Swanzy of Avelreagh and Harrymount in County Monaghan, descendants of Henry Swanzy who was living at Avelreagh in 1688. A few of the allied lines mentioned include: Armstrong, Barton, Berry, Blake, Browne, Campbell, Coote, Curtis, Dawson, Enery, Erskine, Goold, Gore, Grattan, Hamilton, Hassard, Hickson, Higinbotham, Howard, Hudson, Jackson, Johnston, Jones, Knox, Kyle, Lawrence, Leslie, Little, Martin, Meade, Montgomery, Moore, Morris, Nesbitt, Pigott, Pratt, Reynolds, Richardson, Scott, Smyth, Somerville, Stanford, Stewart, Thompson, Tisdall, Warburton, Ward, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wynne and Young.

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