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If you haven't read about our Virtual Book format, please see the information beneath our list of currently available titles.

Currently available titles:

Most of our CD's are in Virtual Book form. What is a Virtual Book? This just means that the text of these publications in not transcribed onto the disk, but an image of each original page is reproduced on the CD. How do you read a Virtual Book? Simple. Just use your web browser. One advantage of this is the fact that our Virtual Book CD's will not put any unwanted files or programs on your hard drive.

Many people are not aware that web browsers are good for more than cruising the Internet. All but the very earliest browsers will allow you to look at web pages on your own computer, without being connected to the Internet. The Virtual Book format includes the kind of pages you find on the Internet, coded to display images of the pages from the book.

Most browsers will display the page at screen size -- for low resolution monitors it may be necessary to click on the page to have it enlarged to full size. Here is a sample page. You can print the page out or save it as a file, as you would any web page.

REQUIREMENTS: Our CD's will work under Windows 3.1, Windows95/98/2000 or higher, or Macintosh operating systems (and probably others as well, but we haven't had an opportunity to test those yet). You must have a web browser; NetScape 3.0 (or higher), or Internet Explorer 3.0 (or higher) are recommended.

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