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A.J. Morris Science Review, is a collection of articles that provide descriptions of published articles, books, and web sources for all fields of science, including: Earth Science (geography, demography, geology, oceanography, paleontology, meteorology, etc.); Life Science (biology, botany, ecology, zoology etc.); Physical Science (astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc.); Social Science (anthropology, archaeology, history, psychology, etc.)

Some topics we will give greater attention to than others, reflecting our own interests, and we hope those of our readers. More thorough attention will be paid to articles concerning American and European archaeology, artificial intelligence, astrobiology, cloning, computer technology, dinosaurs, discoveries in health and medicine, energy sources, genetics, global environmental changes, human origins, nanotechnology, and neuroscience.

Our Bookshelf has reviews of science books in several categories. These books range from the highly technical specialist publications, to simple explanatory guides for the laymen.

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