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Science in the News from A.J. Morris DotCom includes five different sections, accessed by clicking on the tabs above.

Archaeology News has the latest reports on archaeological investigrations from around the world. Information about early humans and pre-human hominids, prehistoric cultures and peoples, and historic information derived from the excavation of the material culture of earlier times will be found in this section.

Paleontology News has information on the latest finds, new interpretations and similar reports regarding fossils, dinosaurs, and extinct species of plants and animals.

Space has the latest reports on the activities of unmanned sattelites, manned space crafts, astronomical and cosmological discoveries and theories, the International Space Station, and all research and exploration of celestial phenomena.

Technology has information on scientific research applied to technological advancements, including nano-technology, bio-technology, computer science and other uses of scientific knowledge and discoveries in technological applications.

Sciences is a catch-all category for news that is scientific in nature, but doesn't fit in any of the other four more specific categories. Here you will find such information as weather and climate, geology, chemistry, physics, biology and environmental ecology.

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